SHOOP Clothing – #ǝɔunoq

SHOOP Clothing is proud to present its new collection entitled #ǝɔunoq with this great lookbook by photographer Mathias Uris. More after the jump.

SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook1-620x929 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook3-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook4-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook6-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook7-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook8-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook10-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook12-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook13-620x930 SHOOP-ǝɔunoq-lookbook14-620x930

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

VIDEO: Alejandro Cascallana
STARRING: Jazz Jamieson
Edurne (View Management)
LOOKBOOK: Matias Uris
HAIR & MAKE UP: Vicente Guijarro

Specials thanks to Reebok Classic


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