CYRCLE x Woodkid

Inspired by Woodkid‘s latest album The Golden Age, Los Angeles street art collective CYRCLE. has created a striking mural located on Santa Monica Blvd and Highland in Hollywood. Extending references behind the album, its concept and narrative, the mural was painted with strict use of black, white, and gold — core colors of The Golden Age‘s cover art. Aside from Woodkid’s crossed keys motif, historic European art from “Run Boy Run” is intertwined with CYRCLE.’s bold font, blending together identities from both parties. Celebrating CYRCLE.’s ingenious aesthetics alongside Woodkid’s talent in the realms of art direction, production and design, the mural is a poetic piece filled with narrative.

woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-01 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-02 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-03 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-04 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-05 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-06 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-09 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-10 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-11 woodkid-and-cyrcle-collaborate-on-los-angeles-mural-12

Via Hypebeast



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