Neighborhood Japan x Dice Magazine

Japanese label NEIGHBORHOOD and DicE Magazine bring you the triangulated love story about three different worlds converging onto a small town baseball field where skill, charm, and cool factor dictate who wins the sexy prize. To introduce this  collaboration they have released this great lookbook and video directed by Steven Johnson.

“We are extremely excited to announce a collaboration with our good friends at NEIGHBORHOOD in Japan, a limited edition range of vintage styled sportswear. There will be a big launch party for this AND DicE issue 53, The Neighborhood issue, on October 12th in Tokyo Japan. Check out this fantastic promotional short from Factory Films starring our good mates Peter, Todd & Lexi”

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-00 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-01 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-03 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-05 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-07 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-10 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-11 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-12 DicE-Magazine-x-NEIGHBORHOOD-13


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