Grand Scheme FW13 Lookbook

Australian label Grand Scheme is presenting another fetching collection for 2013 fall/winter. Drawing ideas from classic sportswear and utilitarian design, the collection features the use of premium fabrics. Toying with whimsical prints like paisley, camo and Navajo, button-up shirts get layered with vests and windbreakers, while chinos and pleated bottoms are paired with eye-catching socks and hats, presenting a selection of items that shows off the brand’s laid-back yet functional motifs.  Head over to Grand Scheme for its latest delivery now.

grand-scheme-02-fall-winter-lookbook-02 grand-scheme-03-fall-winter-lookbook-03 grand-scheme-04-fall-winter-lookbook-04 grand-scheme-05-fall-winter-lookbook-05 grand-scheme-06-fall-winter-lookbook-06 grand-scheme-07-fall-winter-lookbook-07 grand-scheme-08-fall-winter-lookbook-08 grand-scheme-09-fall-winter-lookbook-09 grand-scheme-10-fall-winter-lookbook-10 grand-scheme-11-fall-winter-lookbook-11


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