Be Street Weeknd – Art Line-up

Last week, we introduced you the music line-up for the upcoming Be Street Weeknd that will vibrate at the magnificent Grande Halle de la Villette on 5 and 6 October. Now let’s talk about art, which is part of the magazine’s DNA since the very beginning. Once again, the Be Street Weeknd will be a great opportunity to showcase some major international players in the field. Never have they been so approachable and real, and that’s what it’s all about. The Be Street Weeknd is an ambitious dive into the world of arts and the perfect dose of inspiration to finish the year 2013!

Ron English (US)

Ron English is a monument, a pioneer who not once, refrained from revolutionising the world of art (and not only street art) throughout his entire career. By adapting legendary pop culture icons, by reinventing popular images and products, and by proposing extraordinary paintings as well as toys, this US-artist is without a shadow of a doubt the most blasphemous Pope of our era. The artist will be not present for the event, but you’ll have the opportunity to visit an art installation with exclusive posters.




Yaia is a monster of an artist who produces mind-blowing illustrations. Every stroke of a pen, is a demonstration of his infinite ingenuity. When an artist’s talent is so crystal clear, introducing him is not an easy task. So we’ll let his artwork do the talking and recommend you to drop by to discover his works in real life.


Nychos (AUT)

Nychos deconstructs organisms and turns them into cartoonesque and stylish explosions of bones, flesh and skin. In his organised chaos, the aesthetic unpacking of life itself becomes both gratifying and impacting. As infuriatingly sane his beautiful madness may be, you can’t help but being contaminated!


Greg Mike (US)

Greg Mike is a visionary artist with the great capacity and talent to graphically reproduce his dreams, embodying them in beautiful designs. His paintings and illustrations will transport you in a colorful and happy world, populated with characters as crazy and heartening as they come.


Tom Gilmour (UK)

Tom Gilmour’s art is all about merging technique and style. This young Brit works hard to impact your retina with his unique precision, turning any piece into a power work of art. With his fine black outlines inspired by the most talented tattoo artists, he will mark your minds like no artist ever before.


Be Street Weeknd 2013 – Oct. 5/6th at la Grande Halle de la Villette (Paris) –

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