The Indoek – Wave Wam Teepee

INDOEK recently launch a new limited 10 oz. cotton canvas tent with collapsable bamboo and aluminum poles, two bamboo steaks, leather ties held with copper rivets, and a cotton canvas bag with strap to carry it to the beach. The teepee stands about 6 feet tall once assembled and fits about 2-3 full grown humans comfortably. Wavewam is made in California and a portion of the proceeds go back to the environment. Made to order. Product ships approximately 2 weeks from purchase. Available here.

WaveWam_lifestyle7-950x633 WaveWam_lifestyle11-769x1024 WaveWam_lifestyle12-950x633 WaveWam_lifestyle13-950x633 WaveWam_lifestyle14-950x633 WaveWam1_large WaveWam5_large

Via Desillusion


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