Scott Scheidly – “The Pinks” @ Spoke Art

Last week, the Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco unveiled all new works from Scott ScheidlyThe Pinks continues his series of unique portraits of infamous characters in history as well as imaginary ones taken straight from pop culture, but remixed with a twist. Take a look at more of the sold out opening in the photos below and stop by in person if you are in town before the close date of August 24th. Also, take a look at a couple prints from the show available here.

9429463287_e18cc2992c_b 9429463409_a7cdc321fa_b 9432233936_429b5faa8a_b 9432234358_bb3d91185e_b 9432234486_93608ff6c7_b 9432234638_7c351c9ea0_b 9432234782_2dccfedf13_b

Via AM



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