MISHKA – FW13 Collection

NYC-based brand MISHKA has released its new lookbook for the next Fall 2013 Collection starring Flex dancers Vibez and Jay Donn. Flex is a style of dance from Brooklyn, deep in Brooklyn where people don’t drive tour busses. Shoutout to Flatbush. Learn more about Flex from the upcoming documentary Flex Is Kings, featuring Jay and Vibez.

Photography by: Tara Chacon
Directed by: Deidre Schoo
Visual Effects: Mark Brown
Music: Kahn – “Fierce” (TCJ Remix)
Styling by: Leigh Barton & Andrew Fanelli
Creative Direction: The Order

screenshot 2013-08-12 à 10.37.32 mishka fall 2013 screenshot 2013-08-12 à 10.36.08 screenshot 2013-08-12 à 10.36.57 screenshot 2013-08-12 à 10.37.08 screenshot 2013-08-12 à 10.37.16 mishka

Shop the collection at: mishkanyc.com/store




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