Element FW13 “Hopping Trains In Seattle” Lookbook

Skate brand Element has released its new lookbook for Fall/Winter 2013 entitled “Hopping Trains In Seattle”  featuring Chad Tim Tim, Nick Garcia & Levi Brown and shot by Brian Gaberman. Check this out.

` element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-13-950x633 element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-21-950x633 element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-31-950x633 element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-51-950x633 element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-91-950x633 element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-101-950x633 element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-111-950x633 element-2013-fall-winter-hopping-trains-in-seattle-lookbook-121-950x633



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