SALT SURF is a Brooklyn based surfboard company.  SALT has been in existence for almost two years now, and creating a magazine has been a part of the vision of the brand since its early conception.  In fact, the idea for the brand was born out of a class project that owner Nabil Samadani created while in school: a magazine called SALT.


Now, they are creating a magazine, in a way to return back to the place where SALT was born.  They are launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their new publication: Wayfarer Magazine. The idea behind the magazine, is to focus more on the experience of surfing, and less on performance.

“We believe that surfing is made up of a collection of experiences, in and out of the water, and that these experiences should be reflected in what we see and read about surfing.  We are setting out to create something that people can relate to, that they can look at and see their own experiences reflected in the pages of this magazine.”

The publication will be made by the team at SALT SURF, who have backgrounds in graphic and editorial print design.  The stories and photos are contributed by various photographers, surfers and designers, including: Ryan Tatar, Julien Roubinet, Paul Hanger and more. The publication will include a piece on the notorious group of French surfers, The Switch Kick Out Surf Syndicate, a look at the portfolio of Ryan Tatar, an info-graphic tide chart for the New York area, and more.

screenshot 2013-07-11 à 17.44.05



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