Quiksilver Boardshorts – The Story

Founded in 1969, ‘Quiksilver Boardshorts’ created the world’s first functional surfing Boardshorts, establishing the iconic shapes, ground breaking art and an aesthetic that went on to define a generation.

With hand screen printed contemporary art, tailoring and quality fabrics at the heart of the ‘Quiksilver Boardshorts’ ethos, the label introduced iconic new cuts, from ‘The Yoke’ the first tailored waistband, to ‘The Scallop’ hem, and ‘The Arch’, that all went on to become the blueprint for boardshorts and the swimwear industry the world over.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zG8EWRHd_DI]

Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-00 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-02 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-03 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-04 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-06 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-08 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-09 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-10 Story-of-Quiksilver-Boardshorts-11



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