FuckNFilthy x Urban Outfitters x Indigo & Cloth

FuckNfilthy recently put together a little shoot for Thread Magazine, kindly supplied with clothes from Urban Outfitters & Indigo & Cloth. Ther decked out Irish artist Liam Atsu Yawo Morrow in various bits by Our Legacy, Norse & Fred Perry. Liam is a talented artist who cooks up various odd bits & bobs in his studio so they incorporated one of his creations into the shoot, a mask he handmade inspired by Eloko, a mythological creature believed in by the Nkundo people of the Congo.

MJDEMEO-4-640x956 redone-2-640x956 REDONE-5-640x956 Screen-shot-2013-03-27-at-20.54.11-640x478 Screen-shot-2013-03-27-at-20.54.34-640x477

Photography – Joshua Gordon / Styling – Aislinn Ellen Lawlor / Big thanks to Urban Outfitters / Indigo & Cloth & Thread Magazine.



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