D*Face – ‘New World Disorder’ @ StolenSpace

D*Face has been a leading light of London’s street art scene for more than a decade and was a key member of the Finders Keepers crew that really kicked off the Shoreditch street art activity.  On occasion of his first solo London show in 5 years – New World Disorder – it is fitting to mark a seismic transition as D*Face, the Stolen Space Gallery, and all D*Face’s well-known space sharing cohorts up sticks to pastures new and as yet unannounced.

tn_Pic-1-DSC_8664-copy tn_Pic-2-DSC_8697-copy tn_Pic-3-DSC_8668-copy tn_Pic-4-DSC_8804-copy tn_Pic-5-DSC_8675-copy tn_Pic-6-DSC_8812-copy tn_Pic-10-DSC_8821-copy tn_Pic-11-DSC_8688-copy tn_Pic-12-DSC_8807-copy tn_Pic-14-DSC_8642-copy

Via AM



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