Steve McCurry – Stolen Childhoods

“For the past three decades as I traveled the world on assignment I have witnessed children working in fields, factories, ditches, tunnels, mines, and ship-breaking yards. 

The scope of the problem is vast. Hundreds of millions of children spend their childhood working and do not have an opportunity to play, go to school, or live in a healthy environment.”

– Steve McCurry

AFGHN-10025 afghn-13034nf-1 bangladesh-10014 _SM13419, Myanmar, Burma, 02/2011, BURMA-10283 india-10207-1 india-10461-1 SAM_2957; Gujarat, Rajasthan, India; 05/22/2008, INDIA-11398 Marpha, Nepal, 1998 00547_09. Monsoons, Nepal, 1983, 08/1983. A young boy works on a mountainside. philippines-10017 00492_01 Tibetans, 12/2000. YEMEN-10052NF, Hajjah, Yemen, 1999. A shepherd boy tends to his flock.


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