The Selby x Jiro Bevis

London-based graphic designer and illustrator The Selby┬árecently visited Jiro Bevis‘ London home and had a close look at the space in which he gets creative.

4_22_13_JiroBevis39792-640x959 4_22_13_JiroBevis39794-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39809-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39818-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39853-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39861-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39872-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39875-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39878-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39898-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39911-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39943-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39955-640x959 4_22_13_JiroBevis39973-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39981-640x444 4_22_13_JiroBevis39993-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis39998-640x426 4_22_13_JiroBevis40002-640x959 answer_jirobevis-640x864

Via Fucknfilthy


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