DOPEBOYMAGIC – SS13 ‘Rest in Fits’ Lookbook

Burgeoning Chicago-based brand dopeboymagic is great at grabbing attention. From its name to its threads, the young label has a penchant for visually arresting viewers, immersing them in a necessarily un-glitzy vision of the Windy City. The latest presentation finds a crew of youngsters doing their best Chief Keef impression, representing dopeboymagic around various Chicago locale. The lookbook eloquently captures the brand’s range of printed T-shirts, bucket hats, and bottoms in a gritty, street-inspired set. Enjoy the photos above, and be sure to look for more dopeboymagic on the brand’s web shop.

dopeboymagic-2013-spring-summer-rest-in-fits-lookbook-by-trashhand-1 dopeboymagic-2013-spring-summer-rest-in-fits-lookbook-by-trashhand-2 dopeboymagic-2013-spring-summer-rest-in-fits-lookbook-by-trashhand-3 dopeboymagic-2013-spring-summer-rest-in-fits-lookbook-by-trashhand-4 dopeboymagic-2013-spring-summer-rest-in-fits-lookbook-by-trashhand-5 dopeboymagic-2013-spring-summer-rest-in-fits-lookbook-by-trashhand-7

Via Hypebeast



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