Parra – ‘Il Senso di Colpa’ Exhibition Recap

Recently the Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan opened Parra’s new exhibition entitled ‘Il Senso di Colpa’. For this second solo show in Italy, the Dutch artist has exposed a new series of works created especially for the occasion composed of seven paintings of medium size (6 1 square and a rectangle) ten watercolors, four drawings in black and white and three sculptures.

Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-00 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-01 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-02 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-03 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-04 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-05 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-06 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-07 Parra-Il-Senso-di-Colpa-Recap-08

Photography: Stefano Locci / FNG


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