Leroy Jenkins – SS13 Collection

Leroy Jenkins is design created to reposition the concept of men’s and women’s street fashion (style). The brand is the rebellious brain baby of artists (designers) Ron Upperman and Upendo Taylor, seeing life in 2005. The outfit is the direct result of the duo not seeing the garments at a retail level that they wanted to don throughout cities they visited.

For this new SS13 collection, the brand teams-up with dancer Storyboard P to create the lookbook. Check this out.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/62043434 w=640&h=360]

leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-01-570x380 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-02-570x855 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-03-570x855 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-04-570x855 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-05-570x855 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-06-570x855 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-07-570x380 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-08-570x380 leroy-jenkins-summer-2013-collection-lookbook-video-09



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