Interesni Kazki in Lisbon, Portugal

Ukrainian artistic duo, Interesni Kazki, were recently in Lisbon, Portugal, where they did their part for the UnderDogs Project. Famous for their unique fairy tale-like murals, the duo worked on a new street piece, which included their signature bright and poppy color palette. Fully using the space and the structural elements in it, the finished piece Ukrainian artists proved once again their talent and their reputation as one names to watch in street art world today.

Aside from working on a new mural, the artists signed their upcoming print release which will be announced soon via UnderDogs, as well as couple of smaller works that will be included in a big group show that will be organized at the end of the year.

interesni_kazki_lisbon01 interesni_kazki_lisbon02 interesni_kazki_lisbon03 interesni_kazki_lisbon04 interesni_kazki_lisbon05 interesni_kazki_lisbon06 interesni_kazki_lisbon07

Via AM


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