HUCK Magazine x Satta Skates

The guys at Huck Magazine went to find Joe Lauder in his studio-shop in Brixton, to have him explain the reasons for the recent success of its brand, Satta Skates.

Joe Lauder is hauling a man-sized plank of wood through floor-to-ceiling glass studio doors. The sun is streaming in, catching a glitter-cloud of dust that mingles for a moment with the snowflakes outside. Down the road, Brixton is bustling to the beat of progress. Teens bedazzled in plastic jewels bop in and out of a cube-shaped TopShop where tailors, butchers and bootmakers once stood. It’s a world away from the oasis of calm inside Studio Satta, a live-and-work woodshop where custom-shaped worktops and a simple futon stand for everything Joe needs to get by.




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