SUPER Summer 2013 ‘Wanderism’ Collection

Italian eyewear brand SUPER has officially released its new “Wanderism” Summer 2013 collection. Known for their playful designs and especially innovative ideas, SUPER continues to push the boundaries of eyewear design yet again. Applying new leathers, new materials, as well as new shapes and colors to its popular sunglasses collection, the new offering surprises and sets them apart from the rest of the market.


The full new collection of SUPER glasses and sunglasses can now be purchased here.

SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-00 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-02  SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-04 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-06 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-07 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-09 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-10 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-13 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-16 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-18 SUPER-Summer-2013-Wanderism-19


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