MOSS – Summer 2013 lookbook

MOSS has just released theur lookbook for Summer 2013 featuring Diplo, Jillionaire of Major Lazer, Ninjasonik, and many more. Photographed by Shahed Serajuddin.

164939_512401015486716_1687260302_n 197656_512400908820060_312323095_n 375064_512401002153384_461597912_n 375064_512401012153383_123434732_n 428703_512401125486705_24548199_n 486758_512401068820044_601135290_n 935670_512401118820039_856782361_n 942016_512400892153395_2066213792_n 942024_512401072153377_1832822392_n 943485_512401085486709_887566162_n 943682_512400915486726_492805553_n 947191_512400948820056_1520036301_n


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