Paperwallet Series 5 – Curated by Sixand5


Hi fellows! We are exited to present the new Paperwallet Black & White series curated by Sixand5 with some great designs by artists from all over the world. Alexis Ziritt from the US, Fortifem from France, Pilpeled and Shinlamed from Israel, Kazuki Takamatsu from Japan, Throwing Knives from Brazil and Mark Goss from UK.

The wallets are now available on Paperwallet’s online store.

fortifem_tyvek_paper_wallet04 kazuki_takamatsu_tyvek_paper_wallet03_1 mark_goss_tyvek_paper_wallet03 pilpeled_tyvek_paper_wallet04 shinlamed_tyvek_paper_wallet04 thorwing_knives_tyvek_paper_wallet03 zirrt_tyvek_paper_wallet03


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