Lightning BOLT – SS13 Lookbook

With 40 years of history, the spirit of aloha continues in Lightning Bolt’s Spring Summer 2013 Collection. Style has come and gone, but the stoke of the sand, the waves with the summer days & nights is never forgotten. Spring Summer 2013 embodies the natural progression of the lifestyle with natural earthy colors with bright primary tones of the ocean and the sun.

Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-00 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-01 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-02 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-06 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-08 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-09 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-11 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-13 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-15 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-16 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-17 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-18 Lightning-Bolt-SS-2013-Lookbook-20


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