Spring Breakers x Opening Ceremony “4Ever” Lookbook

To help promote their collaborative collection inspired by Spring BreakersOpening Ceremony has created a lookbook featuring some items from the range. Photographer Annabel Mehran took models to a beach location to shoot “4Ever,” a photo editorial that charts three youthful breakers over the course of a carefree day. The lookbook highlights key collection pieces such as the “DTF” hoodie, oversized basketball pennies and bikinis for girls, as well as select polos and board shorts for guys. For each photo, the items photographed are conveniently listed at the bottom of the page. In all, the lookbook does well to capture the spirit of the young, beautiful and reckless, which parallels the theme of Harmony Korine’s newest film. The entirety of the collaborative collection is now available online.

spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-1 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-2 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-3 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-4 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-5 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-6 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-7 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-8 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-9 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-10 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-11 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-12 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-13 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-14 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-15 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-16 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-17 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-18 spring-breakers-x-opening-ceremony-4ever-lookbook-19

Via Hypebeast



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