Gantoli – Cycling Accoutrements

Mike Giles, the man behing FURNI is proud to present its new brand Gantoli proposing nice cycling gloves. Here is the story:

“The year is 1909. Deep in the Piemonte region of Italy, brothers Fausto and Gino Gantoli had a dream… a dream to create a work of art and craftsmanship. Using scraps of leather from their Papa, a saddle maker of great renown, and swatches of thick fishing net, the boys set upon their task with vigour and determination. The squeaking of their Mamma’s old sewing machine could be heard from dawn until dusk… seeming to whisper “Giro, giro, giro”, as they painstakingly joined leather to fabric, pattern to reality. Until finally, the first stone on the road to legacy was laid… Or rather… the idea for Gantoli Cycling Accoutrements was born of the minds of long time friends and cyclists, Mike Giles and Garry Vickers, two avid fans of vintage bikes and the aesthetic and functionality of cycling’s timeless heritage. Having noticed a distinct lack of cycling gloves and accessories that fit their discerning tastes, the two Montrealers set out to rectify the situation. Thus, the birth of Gantoli…”



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