Sixpack France x Grand Scheme | Jonathan Zawada & PMKFA Capsule Collection

Grand Scheme and Sixpack France have released a capsule collection of garments designed by famed visual artist and designer, Jonathan Zawada and Swedish born, Paris based, PMKFA. The collection includes a series of five panel hats, beach shorts, tank tops, pocket tees, singlets and pillows.

Throughout their evolution both Grand Scheme and Sixpack France have collaborated extensively with an eclectic group of visual artists and designers on their ranges, so the coming together of the two brands was a natural progression that built on their common ground, while drawing from each brands unique design aesthetic. The result is a collection that is bold, considered and upon closer inspection, revelatory.

At first glance Zawada’s “Liberty” print would not look out of place in your grandma’s closet, but a closer inspection of the floral images reveals a series of hallucinogenic plants, mushrooms and narcotics. The “Marbleable” design by PMKFA is inspired by the inside front covers of vintage novels, with the neon colorways tipping their hat to the cotemporary design that has defined PMKFA’s work.

sixpack-x-GS-campaign-724x1024 sixpack-x-GS-campaign2-724x1024 sixpack-x-GS-campaign3-724x1024 sixpack-x-GS-campaign4-724x1024


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