STUSSY DELUXE- SPring 2013 by Shaniqwa Jarvis

Studdy Deluxe teamed-up with NYC-based photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis to present their new Spring 2013 collection.

“New York City photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis is a unique talent. Her penchant for capturing portraits and presenting them in such a genuine and vivid manner is what keeps us coming back for more. We decided to work with the New York City based photographer once again, but this time for Stussy Deluxe’s Spring 2013 lookbook. Shaniqwa elected to shoot in Morocco, a location globally renowned for fashion shoots as it seemingly always has perfect weather. This shoot was shot during a Morocco winter, but as you can clearly see, this pretty much resembles a Southern California summer.

Jarvis reached out to a couple of friends based in London for the shoot and being that all are so familiar with each other, the shoot was natural and effortless. The three selected an array of Spring 2013 apparel, and headed out to the Northern African country on a 5-day journey. Having already scouted the location, Shaniqwa was able to communicate with their driver as to where they wanted to shoot. The trio hit up a few locations including the ancient coastal city of Essaouira, Marrakesh, and an area of the Atlas Mountains. The amazing colors, random shops, and unique encounters – namely with the posse of Argan tree-climbing Tamri goats – all aided in what is surely one of Stussy Deluxe’s more memorable lookbooks.”

The Stussy Deluxe Spring ’13 Collection is available now exclusively at Stussy Chapter Stores and

morocco-full-back morocco-full-beach-1 morocco-full-buildings morocco-full-night morocco-full-stopsign morocco-full-store morocco-sp13-02 morocco-sp13-03


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