eskuché Control v2 Headphones

Slick vintage design marries high audio quality in these beautiful new contraptions from eskuché. The eskuché Control v2 Headphones recall the feel of ’70s studio monitors while packing the necessary modern microphone and 3-button remote combo for iOS devices. At $60, the Control v2 offers great sound performance via cozy rectangular ear cups and 40mm drivers. Tuned for punchy clean lows, warm consistent mids and crisp clear highs, these plush cushioned on-ear cups will surely have you thumping to the beat. These also feature calibrated clamping force and padded, pliable headbands for custom fit, as well as premium woven cables for a tangle-free experience. Available now in rich chocolate, burnt orange and baby blue.

eskuche-control-v2-headphones-1 eskuche-control-v2-headphones-2 eskuche-control-v2-headphones-3

Via Hypebeast


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