Last But Won is the result of an unwavering vision from designers Riyaz Omarji & Leonie DuBarry-Gurr to produce unforgettable t-shirt prints that appeal to a relaxed lifestyle of effortless cool.

The name is taken from Leonie’s post-pop band for which she pounded the drums as a teenager, and refers to an all-inclusive ideology.

This ubiquitous approach to fashion is coupled with a passion to create prints that are at the forefront of current trends. With influences rooted in fresh musical & artistic movements, Last But Won offers thoughtfully crafted vintage styled graphics with a modern twist – a 21st Century design ethos that encapsulates the UK fashion zeitgeist.

LBW_AW_2012_0002_Page-12 LBW LBW_AW_2012_0009_Page-5LBW0LBW2LBW_AW_2012_0007_Page-7LBW1


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