Sixpack France – SS13 Collection

French brand Sixpack is presenting its new lookbook for Spring 2013 consisting in a slew of colored chinos, deconstructed 3-button blazers, a tonal bomber jacket, and of course a range of T-shirts rendered with cool illustrations by some artists such as Alexander Binder, CD Ryan, LS Benway and Cody Hudson. Sixpack France’s 2013 spring/summer collection is now available online.

sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-1 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-2 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-3 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-4 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-5 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-6 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-7 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-8 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-9 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-10 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-11 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-12 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-13 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-14 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-15 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-16 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-17 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-19 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-21 sixpack-france-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-22


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