Altamont Spring ’13 Lookbook ‘A Vacation For Your Mind’

South Californian brand Altamont is presenting its new Spring 2013 collection entitled ‘A Vacation For Your Mind’. The full collection is now available online here.

560197_10151424923179827_1496162596_n a-vacation-from-your-mind-altamont-spring-13-lookbook-1 a-vacation-from-your-mind-altamont-spring-13-lookbook-3 a-vacation-from-your-mind-altamont-spring-13-lookbook-4 a-vacation-from-your-mind-altamont-spring-13-lookbook-5 a-vacation-from-your-mind-altamont-spring-13-lookbook-6 a-vacation-from-your-mind-altamont-spring-13-lookbook-7 a-vacation-from-your-mind-altamont-spring-13-lookbook-8



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