LOSER MACHINE/DARK SEAS – Spring 2013 Lookbook

In 2009 Adrian Lopez launched Loser Machine and the Dark Seas Division as an extension of his professional skateboarding career. These brands are meant to be a combination of pastimes and influences sparked by historic movements. Together, with creative friends, we build product that is inspired by the every day craftsman and mischievous gentleman from the past and present.

Here is the some of the clichés from the last Spring 2013 lookbooks. Check this out.

DS_SP-13_00 DS_SP-13_02 DS_SP-13_08 LMC_SP-13_00 LMC_SP-13_04 LMC_SP-13_06 LMC_SP-13_08 LMC_SP-13_10 LMC_WMN_SP-13_01 LMC_WMN_SP-13_02 LMC_WMN_SP-13_03 LMC_WMN_SP-13_05



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