Erik Brunetti’s brand FUCT SSDD is back for spring with this new collection entitled “Armagideon Time”. The lookbook, shot by photographer Rick Rodney presents this new Spring/Summer 2013 collection consisting in a paisley shirt, flannel and all-over print shirt, while the coach jacket and jersey rendition nods sternly at timeless sportswear designs, accompanied by the chambray, vendor shirt and symmetrical stripe tee for odes of classic Americana. Check out the lookbook below, and look for the collection to launch through select FUCT retailers in the coming months.

fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-3 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-4 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-5 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-6 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-7 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-8 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-9 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-10 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-13 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-14



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