Case Studyo x Parra – Lay Down … Lay It All Down

Case Studyo has teamed-up with Dutch artist Parra to release a new porcelain sculpture entitled “Lay Down … Lay It All Down.”  The glossy monochromatic figure get inspired by the ’60s song by American singer Melanie and each sculpture, rendered in black or white porcelain, is signed and numbered by Parra and comes in a special screenprinted wooden box. The launch of this figure accompanied his solo show “Tracy had a hard Sunday” which opened this February 23 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City.

parra-x-case-studyo-lay-down-lay-it-all-down-porcelain-sculpture-1 parra-x-case-studyo-lay-down-lay-it-all-down-porcelain-sculpture-2 parra-x-case-studyo-lay-down-lay-it-all-down-porcelain-sculpture-3


More about Parra here.


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