OLOW – SS13 Collection ‘Memories Remains’

Our friends at OLOW are releasing their new collection ‘Memories Remains’ for this Spring/Summer 2013 presented with this nice lookbook shot

“Without paying tribute to the “it was better before”, Neither trying to write our memoirs at only 31, not young enough but still already old, We wanted to rewind the tape of our lives, Getting back at that time when danger, responsibility and money did not mean anything to us, When the summer was still hot, when our shinbones were blue, when we where breaking all the rules.”

Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-1 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-2 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-3 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-4 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-5 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-6 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-8 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-9 Olow-Memories-Remain-Theline-shop-blog-10



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