Cityfellaz – SS13 Collection

Danish brand Cityfellaz has released its new Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook with a wide range of new designs for this collection, which includes printed shirts, shorts, T-shirts, hats and backpacks. Leopard and snake prints have been filtered here with a very mellow purple, neutral grey and navy color palate. Check this out.

cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-1 cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-2 cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-3 cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-4 cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-5 cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-6 cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-7 cityfellaz-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-8


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