Amour & Eau Fraîche – Heavy Genesis Collection

Amour et eau fraiche

Amour & Eau Fraîche is a french silk scarves brand. All scarves are designed in Paris by Camille Legrand and printed in California in limited edition. Each scarf is numbered to be unique and precious. The first collection, Heavy Genesis, consist in four beautiful silk scarves. Water, Fire, Air and Earth are the four elements of our life, imagined like poetic pictures of nature.

shootmotif-14-petit shootmotif-20-petit shootmotif-23-petit

air-1-petit air-3-petit earth-1-petit earth-5-petit fire-1-petit fire-3-petitwater-1-petit water-3-petit

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Art Direction & Photography : Camille Legrand
Video : Robin Mahieux ( ) & Hicham Meftah ( )
Music : Bedroom – Falling ( )
Models : Kristell Bannier & Vincent Lyleire



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