Photography by Jason Lee Parry

Jason Lee Parry is a self taught photographer who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. As a child, he lived in over fifteen states. The constant visual stimulus as a young child was the result of the endless traveling and he needed an outlet to express his creativity. He first picked up a camera when he was fifteen and since then has not stopped creating images that evoke undiluted sexiness mixed with a feeling of youthful freedom. With his specific artistic style, he offers something different to the world. These days it seems that just anyone can snap a picture and call themselves a photographer, but Jason has a talent for telling a story and capturing an authentic response of any kind from his audience. He is self taught and originally from Portland, Oregon.


screenshot 2013-02-10 à 22.03.583-qvest

screenshot 2013-02-10 à 22.05.48


screenshot 2013-02-10 à 22.03.11abby-brothers-by-jason-lee-parry-for-mirage-1 jason-lee-parry screenshot 2013-02-10 à 22.02.21    under-the-big-black-sun-feat-ashley-smith-by-jason-lee-parry-foam-februarymarch-2012


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