RIME x 1XRUN – Arrest Sheet Print Set

Artist RIME aka Jersey Joe from the infamous MSK and Seventh Letter crews makes his print debut with his custom Arrest Sheet sets exclusively on 1xRUN.


This RUN contains:
– Individual Custom Hand-Embellishments + Drawings from RIME on various Arrest Sheet Prints + Folders throughout the set. Each set is unique and vary slightly from the photos shown here. Each set will contain a minimum of 4 embellished pieces personally done by RIME.
– (5) 8 x 8 Inch Double-Sided Arrest Sheet Prints with custom embellishments by RIME
– (5) Antiqued Arrest Sheet Folders with custom embellishments by RIME
– (1) Arrest Sheet Fax Cover Sheet Signed by RIME & 1xRUN
– (1) Deluxe Highland Park Police Arrest Sheet Binder

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with an Arrest Sheet Certificate of Authenticity from Jersey Joe and 1xRUN.

 “I came across the Highland park arrest sheets in 2011, a year before the Detroit Beautification Project began. Revok had recently moved to Detroit and invited Roids and I out to make art for the 2011 Perseverance art show. While on that trip we came across the police station before it was torn down. Then the portfolio sets and sheets were finalized and everything was assembled and embellished over the past 2 months. I usually work on 10 to 15 drawings at a time, kept in a stack. I would flip through and work on one until I hit a wall, then flip to the next and so on. With these it would take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks to complete one. ” – RIME

Rime_1xrun_felony_set_web_01a.1 Rime_1xrun_felony_set_web_01e Rime_1xrun_felony_set_web_02 Rime_1xrun_felony_set_web_04 Rime_1xrun_felony_set_web_07

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/58920576 w=640&h=360]



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