Quality People – SS13 Collection ‘Getting lost in the beauty of it all”

Once again, Quality Peoples are introducing their new collection with a beautiful lookbook. For this Spring/Summer 2013, they continue unfolding their story with tees that reflect the journey and colors that honor the land. They introduce a capsule of travel-ready, detail-focused clothing: pants, a chambray shirt, surf walk short, elastic surf short, a sweatshirt, a hat and a backpack. Worn-in touches. Tailored fits. Colors inspired by the sea. Everything fits in your backpack, ready to roam.

QP-SS13-1-cover QP-SS13-2-GettingLost-WhatsLeft QP-SS13-3-Pants-tag QP-SS13-4-Izzy-Mandala QP-SS13-5-Izzy-Surf QP-SS13-6-Coral-shorts QP-SS13-7-IkatTank QP-SS13-8-Shirts QP-SS13-9-Sunshine QP-SS13-10-SurfScrawl QP-SS13-11-Ikat-LaCruz-tanks

“The Artist, the Photographer, the Writer. Counter-culture luminaries that ignored society’s rules. Living an unconventional lifestyle, dropping out and turning on in search of life, love and waves. These enlightened vagabonds still congregate in a few corners of the world, reveling in the journey and measuring life through experiences. The ideal of the liberated nomadic surfer has a profound influence on contemporary culture.

This season, we pay homage to the ones who came before us. The ones who pointed the way. We walk in their footsteps, heading out for points unknown, getting lost in the beauty of it all.”



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