Maison Kitsuné – SS13 Lookbook

This Spring-Summer 2013 season, Maison Kitsuné is globe-trotting around Californian lands and West Coast trends. Livening up its new lookbook with postcards, palmtrees and lovestories, the house chose Chelsea Schuchman, a mesmerizing blond girl, and the tatooed skater boy, Braydon Szafranski, as their brand ambassadors.

The shooting stetted in the Chateau Marmont hotel, in Los Angeles, and was stage-managed by Beverly Hills photographer Brad Elterman, renowned for his shots of mythical rockstars such as David Bowie or the Sex Pistols. By his side, the graffiti artist and big friend of Maison Kitsuné, André Saraiva, was there, giving his hip tips for a trendy rendering and adding a hint of French Touch to this U.S. mishmash.

The result: a sunshiny photoshoot, showcasing the two new quite-relaxed, quite-sporty and above all very chic, Men and Women Maison Kitsuné collections. The main and driving inspiration being a surfers’ aura crossed with a preppy taste.


793856_10151416153374769_1428843131_o (1)

778647_10151416154639769_596719521_o 778835_10151418390779769_1568034513_o 778907_10151416167974769_602321604_o  793915_10151418392939769_1430081545_o 798165_10151416155309769_615600534_o 798292_10151416160159769_184654630_o 812619_10151416162659769_1836015369_o 812688_10151418388389769_159574783_o 812754_10151418389599769_1308244941_o 819403_10151416154309769_1402785370_o 823518_10151418393694769_404099458_o 842879_10151416154059769_2059608758_o 843908_10151416174614769_1935443228_o 843914_10151416161189769_785505823_o 843916_10151416174219769_533982206_o


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