Switched Kick-Out Surf Syndicate – BVRN THE ROAD @ Keep a Breast, Bordeaux (France)

Bordeaux-based gallery Keep a Breast, supported by Skullcandy, has presented BVRN THE ROAD, an artistic collaboration between Woodiart and The Switched Kickout Surf Syndicate

2010_10151243505673317_109356295_n 46329_10151243506243317_1427896981_n 58188_10151243505398317_2007586454_n 59557_10151243506003317_525744909_n 64236_10151243507093317_2143319887_n 75013_10151243506093317_633800153_n 75089_10151243505893317_576129444_n 196252_10151243507713317_799526682_n 269242_10151243505868317_1933292073_n 398067_10151243505768317_332969624_n 480832_10151243506638317_1176730379_n 483070_10151243505193317_800465293_n 523332_10151243506183317_1340845663_n 549788_10151243506448317_257505312_n 550310_10151243506368317_209254911_n



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