Sobekcis Mind-Blowing Mural

Talented graffiti artist Sobekcis recently covered an entire room with a impressive psychedelic design. Check this out!

12oz-sobekcis-covers-interior-of-room-creating-mind_blowing-effect-1 12oz-sobekcis-covers-interior-of-room-creating-mind_blowing-effect-2 12oz-sobekcis-covers-interior-of-room-creating-mind_blowing-effect-3 12oz-sobekcis-covers-interior-of-room-creating-mind_blowing-effect-4 12oz-sobekcis-covers-interior-of-room-creating-mind_blowing-effect-5 12oz-sobekcis-covers-interior-of-room-creating-mind_blowing-effect-6 12oz-sobekcis-covers-interior-of-room-creating-mind_blowing-effect-7

Via 12oz


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