Fairdale Bikes x Roger Skateboards

Fairdale Bikes and Roger Skateboards are pleased to announce their new collaboration, the Fairdale Roger bike coming with a skateboard and a rack. Michael Sieben did all the graphics for both the bike and the skateboard.

 The skateboard is a real deal Roger Skateboard complete with Indy trucks, Bones bearings and even Sieben designed Bones wheels.

The bike is based on Fairdale’s soon to be released COASTER model. It has Fairdale ARCHER BARS, a real Selle Italia handmade Turbo seat, Odyssey grips and pedals. A smooth and simple looking Shimano Coaster brake rear hub gets you moving and stopping, and bullet proof sealed press in bottom bracket with chromo BMX cranks will keep you pedaling. It also comes with the Fairdale CARGO RACK combined with the SKATERACK to carry skateboards with ease.

 The FAIRDALE ROGER bike will arrive in shops in the middle of June.



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