Lytro Camera – A Focus Free Digital Camera

Le monde de la photo est sur le point de subir une grosse secousse avec l’arrivée du Lytro. La marque vient d’annoncer la creation d’un appareil photo avec une approche de la photo complètement différente puisque le focus s’effectue plus sur l’appareil avant la photo mais après. Finis les photos ratés! Lytro a rendu cela possible grâce à un capteur ultra sensible qui analyse notamment la lumière pour recréer une image”interactive” où l’on pourra choisir les points sur lesquels faire le focus. Testez vous même ici!
 Photography is set to endure a massive shake-up later this year with the introduction of Lytro. The start-up camera brand has announced a revolutionary approach in which focus has essentially been thrown out the window. With any photo, images and focus can be adjusted after the photo has been taken meaning no more missed shots. This is achieved by a hyper sensitive sensor that captures all available information allowing you to tweak focus, light levels and even create 3D imagery. Despite this, the cameras will be available in a relatively affordable package with reasonably sized image files as mentioned by its creator, Dr. Ren Ng. Ever since the invention of cameras, we’ve been on a continual slop of convenience and simplification, with Lytro technical skill has become an after thought it seems. A set of examples can be seen here where you can click and focus on different points.


Via Hypebeast


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