La Sardina – New 35mm Lomography Camera

Venu tout droit du marché aux poissons, Lomography nous ramène 4 nouveaux appareils photo qui vont très probablement taper dans l’œil de tout amateur d’appareil argentique. El Capit’n, Fisher’s Fritze, Sea Pride et Marathon sont les premiers modèles du nouveau modèle appelé la Sardina, un modèle pour pellicules 35mm et équipé d’un objectif grand angle qui permet une utilisation facile qui convient autant aux débutants qu’aux photographes confirmés. les deux premiers modèles cités sont aussi équipés de Fritz The Blitz, le nouveau flash de Lomography qui est fourni avec 3 filtres bleu, rouge et jaune qui pourra même donner de la couleur au plus noir des pirates que vous croiserez.

Straight from the La Sardina fish market, Lomography brings you four stylish cameras that will take analogue lovers’ hearts by storm. Meet El Capit·n, Fischer’s Fritze, Sea Pride and Marathon, the first four colorful clones (with a 1000 more to come) of the brand-new La Sardina camera. La Sardina is a point and shoot camera, using 35mm film and equipped with a plastic wide-angle lens that enables pros and beginners to shoot beautiful Lomographs easily. As different as these four models may be, they all have one thing in common – a crazy wide-angle plastic lens and the best lens ring of all time. El Capit·n and Fisher’s Fritze are also equipped with Fritz the Blitz, Lomography’s newest and most powerful flash. Not only is this stunning flash the most powerful Lomographic flash ever, it also comes complete with 3 unique distance settings that allow you to set the power of the flash – giving you maximum creative control. This flash is also packaged with yellow, red and blue filters that will drench even the darkest pirate adventure in colorful light. While its designs are flashy and stylish, the technical features of La Sardina are humbly reduced to the basics to enable even the greenest of greenhorns to make a first step into Lomography. Say hello to your new favourite camera!

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