John John Florence “View From A Blue Moon” Trailer

Capture d'écran 2015-10-29 12.17.49

John John Florence-alert. Following several anticipations during the last months, here’s the final trailer of ”View From A Blue Moon”, the new 4K film from the world’s best surfer and his filmer, Blake Vincent Kueny (and also in association with award-winning film studio Brain Farm). Via

Steven Harrington: Wavy Days

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In late September L.A. artist Stephen Harrington opened a big new exhibition titled “Wavy Days” at Colette in Paris, with several new hand-painted canvases, graphite drawings and two sculptures, along with an on-site mural. Via

MADNESS x Carhartt WIP 2015 Fall/Winter Lookbook


Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue stars in the latest seasonal lookbook for the collaboration between his brand, MADNESS, and Carhartt WIP. Via

Nike Air Max 90 Winter Premium Squadron Blue/Black


Nike’s Air Max 90 silhouette is surely one that will go down in history as one of the brand’s most iconic models. Throughout its time there have been a large variety of releases of the model and another edition can be added to the bunch. Via

Best of Kickstarter: Makerarm


Makerarm is a robotic arm that can ‘help its humans make just about anything.’ It can 3D print, laser cut, carve, mill, plot, and assemble. It can even feed your goldfish. Via Kickstarter

Nico Therin – Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market


Nico Therin is one of a whole collection of photographers who I feel like I’m holidaying through vicariously this summer. He recently travelled to Tokyo, where he spent a morning photographing the famous Tsukiji fish market, having heard that it is soon to be moved out of central Tokyo. “It’s been around since 1935, and … Continue reading

Belief Summer 2015 Lookbook


Belief Summer 2015 Lookbook | Photography by Derek Wood Full collection available at

Parra “Salut” Solo Exhibition Recap


Finally a detailed look at ”Salut”, the latest solo exhibition of our dear Parra. Presented by the Alice gallery in Brussels, the show features a new body of work that includes drawings, paintings, and a large sculpture titled “Give Up”. Also, with this exhibition the infamous dutch illustrator introduces some new works recalling his latest side project, Tired Skateboards. … Continue reading

Best of Kickstarter – BEAM

best of kickstarter - beam

Beam can turn any flat surface into a big screen. It is a powerful projector equipped with a smart computer, all inside a beautifully designed casing. You can play games, watch movies or share content from your smartphone or tablet. Beam will assist you in your daily activities, like wake you up in the morning … Continue reading

INSA’s World’s biggest GIF Graffiti


Few years ago, street artist INSA combined his Photoshop skills and graphic design experience, and came up with an original idea of creating public works designed specifically for viewing online. A few years ago he started creating gif-iti’s, works that are painted and shot in several different layers, which combined result in a smooth animation. After … Continue reading

Nice Cream #2


Paris-based brand MAMAMA is celebrating its second anniversary this week-end at Point Ephémère in Paris. The brand has invited a dozen of young creators for a giant pop-up store from Friday to Sunday animated with live paintings (by the collective Jeanspezial) an exhibition (by Sergeant Paper) and DJ Sets (SEML, Input Selector…). If you’re in … Continue reading

Adobe Ink & Slide


Introducing creative hardware that makes sketching and drawing more natural and fluid. Designed to be used with the iPad, Adobe Ink is a fine-tip, pressure-sensitive pen built using Adonit Pixelpoint technology to give you greater creative control and unprecedented precision. Adobe Slide is a digital ruler that lets you draw any shape on your iPad … Continue reading

FUCT – Erik Brunetti Exhibition Opening Video


[vimeo w=640&h=360] Produced by Slam Jam. VIDEO CREDITS: Basement Studio  

Lazy Oaf – Midnight Lizard


Lazy Oaf double drop some poison with two Milksnakes, a Python, Veilied Chameleon, Blue Tongued Skink and Bird Eating Tarantula to present their new Winter 2014 collection. Check this out. [vimeo w=640&h=360]



German label FUN TIME is releasing its new collection for this winter. The full collection is now available here.